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Is there something wrong with my Honedge? (Archived)
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PokemonNewbie302/19 7:18PM
Retype Dragon Pokemon if the type didn't exist (Archived)
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grape_purple252/19 7:16PM
Dunsparce is as big as a Salamence. (Archived)Chenmaster252/19 7:14PM
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Moves and Pokebank (Archived)RyoheiSun52/19 7:04PM
Apparently I make them rage? (Archived)Pokechamp770732/19 7:04PM
How viable would Clear Smog be on Infiltrator Chandelure? (Archived)PokemonFan66552/19 7:01PM
Quick Pokebank question (Archived)0AbsolutZero042/19 6:56PM
Would you rather face M-Luke or Mega Mom? (Poll)
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dj4242192/19 6:43PM
Is there a new Instacheck/cheating device or something? (Archived)HaouDavid42/19 6:34PM
I love Showdown (Archived)Pokechamp770712/19 6:32PM
Favourite Pokemon: Part 8: The Eeveelution (Poll)
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toad878272/19 6:29PM
Item Limit? (Archived)toon_link_34632/19 6:28PM
The pokemon with the most clever design is... (Archived)SnowxNeverLeft42/19 6:18PM
Any Poke capable of learning TWO entry hazards AND a phasing move? (Archived)Frost_Ryans102/19 6:17PM
Whats stronger? (Archived)
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robotears111132/19 6:17PM
Nub complains about priority moves..uses priority moves (Archived)SergeantJamjars22/19 6:01PM
Which Pokemon Generation did you start on? (Poll)
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Froakie322/19 5:51PM
Who's the easiest first gym leader? (Poll)davidledsma62/19 5:49PM
Why are people asking for the imposible on GTS (Archived)
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robertico7212/19 5:48PM