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What exactly makes Delphox a "garbage" Pokemon? (Archived)
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LRodC364/21 11:49AM
Which of the two Egg Moves should I go with for Aggron? (Poll)Haxdreigon64/21 11:49AM
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How often do you battle using pokemon that you just like a lot? (Archived)
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Edgemaster97294/21 10:59AM
Is there an Indian Pokemon? (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin744/21 10:57AM
Moveset for a Swellow? (Archived)
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gamerman57284/21 10:41AM
Poke Editors (Archived)
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SecretAnswer284/21 10:41AM
Why is there a big puddle of water right before the Pokemon League? (Archived)
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wolf rider144/21 10:38AM
How would the metagame change? Magician's effect is Knock Off on damaging moves. (Poll)DarkKirby2500104/21 10:34AM
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Post a battle you feel like sharing (Archived)b619poke104/21 10:30AM
Symbiosis strategies? (Archived)
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VoltageBeat124/21 10:29AM
Mega Venusaur (Archived)
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messhia_dark184/21 10:24AM