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Most nerfed and most buffed type (since last gen)? (Archived)
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KillerMechanoid114/18 10:33AM
Victrebell and Weather Ball. (Archived)Haddock199344/18 10:28AM
New move ideas: Backup and Data Surge. (Archived)Duncanwii74/18 10:26AM
Are they going to release a tutor on a event? (Archived)itachi0044/18 10:25AM
So when Pokemon A and Z come out... (Archived)mrballerswaggin34/18 10:23AM
Yr: Aegislash changes stance at the very start of a turn (~+7 priority) (Archived)kadabrium74/18 10:05AM
YR:Aegislash... (Archived)porygon_z_12934/18 10:05AM
Pokemon X Powersaves Corruption (Archived)
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WaggishTyph134/18 10:00AM
Going to start ev training just need to know one thing. (Archived)Kiurx94/18 9:59AM
Eeveelution questions (Archived)LionheartVlll34/18 9:59AM
What pokes make it through pokemon bank that shouldnt? (Archived)
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mariopokefan17194/18 9:58AM
Looking for Swirlix with the ability Unburden (Archived)TheLenbax34/18 9:57AM
The x/y phantom force darkrai event SUCKS! (Archived)
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mariopokefan171144/18 9:49AM
I get it, the NPC friends represent different kinds of Pokemon players (Archived)mahgah9124/18 9:47AM
friend safari (Archived)itachi00104/18 9:46AM
Ghost is the superior typing in the 6th gen. (Archived)mariopokefan17194/18 9:46AM
Breaking News!!! (Archived)mariopokefan17154/18 9:45AM
why do people use (Archived)kadabrium34/18 9:41AM
Volcanion shouldn't be banned to ubers!! (Archived)Real_Zaberz64/18 9:34AM
Megas that you never want to happen (Archived)
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iKhan88664/18 9:31AM