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How many people that play online actually follow Smogon's rules? (Archived)
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Safer_777142/22 3:20PM
burn and foul play (Archived)burningfire5222/22 3:16PM
The "smogon can't beat it therefore they ban it" logic makes no sense. (Archived)
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Taiphlosion1452/22 3:15PM
Ditto breeding question (Archived)EasilyDistract32/22 3:03PM
Why no Gen 5 megas? (Archived)
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Benify132/22 3:03PM
ShadyPenguin's charity tournament live. (Archived)Caolan_2k932/22 3:02PM
How can you tell if a pokemon has been pokegenned or not? (Archived)
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Dom_Quixote122/22 2:58PM
Smogon's gonna ban Mega Blastoise! (Archived)tutti42/22 2:56PM
Will there ever be an Emerald remake since it is the best Poke Gen by far? (Archived)ColdOne66622/22 2:53PM
lumiose ghost (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry112/22 2:53PM
*hatches a shiny Beldum* (Archived)
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vermillion719422/22 2:51PM
prankster + swagger (Archived)burningfire5252/22 2:50PM
A lot of mixed mega kangaskans these days (Archived)Gundam Fan42/22 2:44PM
Swords Dance? (Archived)GameReviewer192/22 2:43PM
Could knock-off ever become so common that NOT having an item is the best idea? (Archived)HHDeception82/22 2:32PM
Consecutive fishing infinite shinies? (Archived)Legendaryfart42/22 2:31PM
LMAO Pokemon Online, you cannot be serious (Archived)
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cardoor123 gf442/22 2:25PM
For someone who hasn't played the series since Gold/Silver, what should I know? (Archived)
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ThePhoenixEffect172/22 2:21PM
Cool, just hatched a Shiny.... (Archived)3i33le2322/22 2:20PM
Possible Swagger ban? (Archived)Jkickit92/22 2:20PM