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C/D you loved charizard in this gen because of his mega evolutions. (Archived)
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Wait...this rings on Volcanion's back are arms? (Archived)
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hodelino264/18 8:07AM
PROOF batoon pass is not broken! (Archived)Xavuu94/18 8:06AM
How will Smogon handle Baton Pass teams? (Poll)
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I designed a female MC trainer if the region was based on Canada (Archived)
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BottledPoe384/18 7:43AM
I thought I had seen it all. I really did. (Archived)dancingbobcat54/18 7:43AM
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YR: The Physical/Special split is deleted (Archived)
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CrystalZanviper164/18 7:41AM
I'm 27, have not played a pokemon game since Red/Blue, would I like X/Y? (Archived)
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Hagan114/18 7:38AM
How does Mewtwo's mega evolutions exist? (Archived)DeMax054/18 7:37AM