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What are you currently trying to do? (Archived)
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pikachupwnage313/22 11:50AM
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Winter's Fury: an Egglocke adventure (Archived)
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TheWinterking473/22 11:46AM
Can powersaves edit the pokeball a pokemon is in? (Archived)kabigon2053/22 11:33AM
WTF just happened! Glitch beyond belief! (Archived)tyranitarteeth93/22 11:30AM
So, is mega pokemon a staple in teams now? (Archived)
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XrossGuang113/22 11:24AM
Nickname question (Archived)bubbyman223/22 11:21AM
just hatched shiny gligar! (Archived)mattgavin53/22 11:12AM
I need advice and suggestions for Trick Room team (Archived)vinhamon93/22 11:09AM
Why was deoxys n banned again (Archived)
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gamepimp12173/22 10:44AM
Just hatched my first 6IV mon. A Torchic... (Archived)
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Magikarpus123/22 10:42AM
Okay, Trollfreak seriously needs to do something about the recharge moves (Archived)
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Biased_Gamer153/22 10:37AM
Done With X (Archived)TrainerAura103/22 10:14AM
What Role Should I IV Breed a PKMN For? (Archived)123outerme23/22 10:07AM
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I Sand Veil GIble better to run on a weather team? (Archived)bulls333343/22 9:48AM
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