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Which Metang picture is best? (Archived)
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FightingPolygon234/16 2:36PM
Which fighting type is the ideal teammate to Quiver Dance Volcarona? (Archived)Yoshiguy397164/16 2:33PM
Complete list of interesting and legal Apricorn-mon combinations. (Archived)DigiWillpower44/16 2:33PM
Do you use voice chat? (Archived)Megatonez74/16 2:20PM
moves and team questions (Archived)Fayt9834/16 2:17PM
greyninja.. (Archived)
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loffter114/16 2:13PM
Wait...was normal Charizard's base stats reduced since B2/W2? (Archived)cloud_8f8f94/16 2:12PM
soooo am i to understand there was no destiny knot breeding before gen 6? (Archived)BronyBeat104/16 1:46PM
If xatu was real (Archived)TheGoodRoman64/16 1:46PM
So I'm battling this Japanese person... (Archived)
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Chaos46290254/16 1:46PM
Need help filling out my team. (Archived)Pikachu1159434/16 1:30PM
why not plat the game the way the devs made it to be played and not ban stuff (Archived)
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jrr18174/16 1:28PM
Battle Maison Doubles (Archived)cybersonic23364/16 1:25PM
What was the last pokemon you needed seen in your pokedex? (Archived)
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Benify194/16 1:20PM
Victini's Choice Band V-Create can't even OHKO Mega Aggron. (Archived)LRodC74/16 1:05PM
Place of the Pokemon universe compared to ours? (Archived)Hydregionzek94/16 1:04PM
YR: Instead of Hoenn remakes... (Archived)
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Verlisfy264/16 12:56PM
Your put in charge of Gamefreak (Archived)
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MarioKart1234514/16 12:55PM
Jeez, time flew by. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman54/16 12:51PM
Think of a Gym Leader before entering this topic. (Archived)
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GoldenGryados85734/16 12:51PM