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When damage done >= 300% (Archived)
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Can litwick still get trick egg move? (Archived)PaladinAlik24/21/2014
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Rate my Battle Record (Archived)Kadoatie104/21/2014
And now I decide to start using Power Saves mod codes about 700+ hours into XY (Archived)
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Hmmmmm (Archived)OminousEntity24/21/2014
What's with Valerie's eyes? (Archived)
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If iris returned for pokemon Z (Poll)pkivysaur104/21/2014
The most powerful pokemon with double abilities would be...? (Archived)
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After watching a bunch of the B/W series on TV, I want to know... (Archived)sonofkorol44/21/2014
tyrantrom won't mega evolve (Archived)
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Is Mega Manectric good in triples? (Archived)Ameskitter54/21/2014
Next game should have bike customization (Poll)
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Question about chaining (Archived)bwebber1794/21/2014
So im doing my Run of Pokemon Y... (Archived)Vesper23824/21/2014
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Upper-mid rank Match: 4 Underutilized Pokemon showing off what they can do. (Archived)Pentao14/21/2014
Best Moveset for Assault Vest Slowking? (Archived)jofotran2134/21/2014