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My ONE complaint about the new models (Archived)
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FireMage7777303/11 6:55PM
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Is this a fair trade? (Archived)
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bellabel19163/11 6:43PM
Is it possible to succeed having a team with all the same type? (Archived)Josebautista58393/11 6:41PM
What did Greninja say to the other Greninja? (Archived)handheld_genius13/11 6:25PM
How much do you value Ribbons? (Poll)
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jakenlucas133/11 6:16PM
Trade Technology (Archived)MjnMixael33/11 6:15PM
Good Showdown battle. (Archived)Cpt_Calamity33/11 6:07PM
Quick Question (Archived)Kinneth12363/11 6:05PM
Finally completed my mono grass team! (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger83/11 5:56PM
Is amoongus good?? (Archived)Ashthestampede173/11 5:49PM
Which is the best? Trevanent, Aegis, or Gourgeist? (Archived)Br3aking8ad53/11 5:44PM
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Weakness Poilicy on Celebii? (Archived)
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FryDays5000113/11 5:26PM
Which of the following do you want to mega evolve (Poll)
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kadabrium373/11 5:19PM
What if; they create a new status ailment thats closely associated with Fairy? (Archived)
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paipr143/11 5:16PM
Character design question (Archived)AgroSonicboom33/11 5:08PM
Why is the possible swagger ban so hard to understand (Archived)
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gamepimp121123/11 5:06PM
Do you want to see more evolutions in the future? (Archived)Chenmaster293/11 5:06PM