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Do you get anything worthwhile from Looker quests? (Archived)
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Sephiroth0327113/4 5:24PM
interesting video discussing gardevoir and why it is the way it is. (Archived)paipr33/4 5:24PM
So apparently I can't use Kyogre in a pokemon battle. (Archived)
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ThePokeMan98283/4 5:24PM
how long will this be the number 1 game on the site? (Archived)Genericgamer66743/4 5:23PM
What Cheats Do You Think Will Come Out Next? (Powersave) (Archived)
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raymond2000476113/4 5:21PM
what hacks are available on the 3ds action replay Powersave for x and y? (Archived)
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mariopokefan17253/4 5:13PM
Question about PokeBank. (Archived)8Panda43/4 5:13PM
Question about Looker's side quests (Archived)LadyLokiHiddles33/4 5:12PM
Destiny bond on yours and their last pokemon (Archived)Nanahara71583/4 5:09PM
In you opinion, what were the worst evolutions? (Archived)8Panda93/4 5:05PM
if anyone has an extra rewards code. (Archived)thekramer1723/4 5:03PM
I heard shofu is some youtuber (Archived)Mikey491423/4 4:58PM
Well Twitch Plays Pokemon is over, they will never get past this (Archived)
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euklb173/4 4:52PM
there should be another rapid spin/defog. (Archived)TheFAQKing23/4 4:49PM
What are the odds of hatching a 6 IV from two 6 IV parents? (Archived)andrewx7243/4 4:49PM
Squirtle is a Water type. (Archived)Shaneikua73/4 4:48PM
Which Pokemon would taste like chicken? (Archived)
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Second_Hokage143/4 4:44PM
what are some move tutor moves you want in a 3rd version? (Archived)jdeo1997103/4 4:43PM
Good partners for Meowstic (M) In Rated Doubles? (Archived)
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Yoshiguy3971123/4 4:33PM
Something dat can both screens and taunt? (Archived)kadabrium93/4 4:29PM