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Good Trick Room Pokemon? (Archived)
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How good is Parabolic Charge in a Helioliks in triple battles? (Archived)TaticalWarrior12/18 8:26PM
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Yr: Eevee gets boomburst (Archived)
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Hoenn Confirmed (Poll)
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TrainerAura202/18 8:20PM
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Which gen is almost universally considered to be good? (Archived)
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djmetal777382/18 8:19PM
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Twitch Plays Pokemon? (Archived)Ethanb90032/18 8:17PM
Final Topic: What is the worst main pokemon game in the series? (Poll)
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so i just fought a Special Talonflame in the maison (Archived)MysteriousZ92/18 8:14PM
Truely, the hax was with me (Archived)Rad_Dudesman12/18 8:13PM
does this game have fun online play? like is there much to do? (Archived)ssidiouss22/18 8:13PM
should i settle for this yveltal? (Archived)Un_Dominicano12/18 8:11PM
Due to recent events, I've come to the conclusion...I need 'Sailor' nicknames! (Archived)
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legendrider162/18 8:10PM
Easiest way to breed Togepi's (Archived)emnizzzle72/18 8:05PM
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