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Is there any move that would make mega latios good without making regular latios (Archived)
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I need a 3d remake of RSE so bad, getting Massive Nostalgia rushes. (Archived)
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ColdOne666134/3 7:46AM
Can you breed eevee in cherish balls? (Archived)MegaSableye44/3 7:36AM
Poke you warmed up to and vice versa? (Archived)
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Voodoo_Voldo144/3 7:36AM
breloom viable? (Archived)roxxuss94/3 7:33AM
For Swampert to become OU he needs (Archived)
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Moe_Lester_13254/3 7:31AM
Your moments of awesome (Archived)
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Takaoldaria264/3 7:16AM
Where do you buy drugs? (Archived)Huff n puff 2044/3 7:13AM
I love it when luck is on your side. (Battle against Japanese Spore/MegaKang) (Archived)number31714/3 7:06AM
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EVs - Can they always change, even at 100? (Archived)ACA24/3 5:56AM
How would I build a Mega Mom for Super Single Battles? (Archived)
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ajko000244/3 5:54AM