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Did you remembet to pick up your certificates? (Archived)
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WorldTrader144/17 1:41AM
Which Evolution For Gentle Slowpoke? (Archived)quiastral64/17 1:17AM
Since Wigglytuffs a Fairy now, is it better at checking (Poll)
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FryDays5000114/17 1:13AM
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Public Service Announcement: Destiny Knots are now winnable in the new minigame (Archived)3DSRec64/16 11:35PM
The adventures of a Littlest Pet Shop OU team: Day 1- Defeating Baton Pass! (Archived)
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Spiega124/16 11:28PM
pokerus question on preserving it (Archived)itachi0024/16 11:15PM
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just saying, Baton Pass would have been banned by smogon last gen since... (Archived)
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Ballinari124/16 11:00PM