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Does the game retain Pokemon Data from Gen 3? (Archived)DigiDude7754/20 3:09PM
How successful are u at using the Masuda Method? (Archived)
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Greatdaen164/20 3:06PM
So what exactly is Celebi? (Archived)
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Flame552194/20 3:00PM
Who is a better wall... (Archived)Lord_Chivalry24/20 2:58PM
Best Pokemon music? Day 6: Evil team boss theme (Poll)
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Matthew3DSGamer234/20 2:53PM
Best Pokemon music? Day 7: Legendary Trio theme (Poll)
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Matthew3DSGamer234/20 2:48PM
Predict which of these events (Poll)
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MegaSableye164/20 2:45PM
i havent played a pokemon game since the original, what should i know about? (Archived)smoky82094/20 2:43PM
New typings you'd love to see (Archived)
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CptFluttershy354/20 2:39PM
Dumb question, you see how we see "JPN" "SPA" ITA" and of other foreign tags (Archived)Ballinari84/20 2:37PM
Which of these legendary Pokemon would you want to learn the listed move(s)? (Poll)
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-Unowninator-254/20 2:22PM
Building a rabbit team. (Archived)
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MandarinCat274/20 2:19PM
team building help (Archived)Bloody_Carnage524/20 2:09PM
To Passersby, I don't have Diancie! (Archived)
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GalacticAnthem144/20 2:01PM
Does Mold Breaker cancel out Multiscale? (Archived)Hydregionzek64/20 1:57PM
I wish we would get those Mega Stone Events. (Archived)King_of_Flan44/20 1:52PM
Is Pokemon Dream Radar Good? (Archived)GDGuitar9564/20 1:51PM
Is it possible to relearn 5th gen move tutor moves? (Archived)pikachupwnage24/20 1:48PM
How to check medals in Pokemon X? (Archived)milotic4434/20 1:40PM
RE: Pokecheck May Have Gen 6 Support By End Of Month (Archived)planetpatrick254/20 1:35PM