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I miss the battle frontier :,( (Archived)
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Kiurx174/20 11:04AM
every challenge along the way, with courage I will face. (Archived)King_of_Flan14/20 10:55AM
Easter Themed Team? (Archived)Duncanwii64/20 10:50AM
Is it better to invest in HP or Def/SpD EVs? (Archived)
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wolf rider124/20 10:46AM
*rant topic* so, people online are now cheating (Archived)
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Hitoshura9999404/20 10:36AM
So with Pokemon bank I can trade between games with one 3DS ? (Archived)iron_defense44/20 10:31AM
Staraptor is just too brave. (Archived)Lord_Chivalry24/20 10:14AM
How exactly do moves like Swords Dance actually affect stats. (Archived)
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blademyth114/20 10:11AM
Favorite pokemon music? (Archived)
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CrystalZanviper114/20 10:03AM
What are the chances of finding... (Archived)Lord_Chivalry64/20 9:54AM
Anyone know where to find lagging tail? (Archived)kagenoronin8774/20 9:53AM
Steel Wing on talonflame? (Archived)
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SageGoku114/20 9:40AM
Subseed whimsicott is wow (Archived)Josebautista58344/20 9:37AM
Bulky Volcarona: Roost or Giga Drain? (Archived)Faust_824/20 9:36AM
Why couldn't Diancie get Serene Grace? (Archived)itachi134104/20 9:27AM
Chansey and Mandibuzz (Archived)Shadow19181734/20 9:27AM
Don't you hate when a poorly timed miss or crit completely ruins your chances? (Archived)Xanoe_rules64/20 9:19AM
Why is getting items such a horrible process in these games? (Archived)fddsfsasf14/20 9:14AM
Question about reply battle data (Archived)itachi0014/20 9:05AM
I like a lot that Greninja is in Smash (Archived)
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Hydregionzek304/20 9:03AM