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Okay, I'm making a Gourgeist for doubles. Could I get some advice? (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr54/21/2014
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Scarfed Salamence? (Archived)
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Will we eventually be able to use are B&W pokemon in tournaments? (Archived)Kibaman34/21/2014
Is Lucario + Salamence a good core? (Archived)
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Uhhhh what!? (Archived)
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A good moveset build for Vespiquen? (Archived)Gamenamebully54/21/2014
C/D: Escavalier should learn Drill Peck (Archived)Chaos_Echo64/21/2014
Did it take anyone else reletively long to recieve their Digital player ID? (Archived)Chaos4629044/21/2014
So I tried a Special Talonflame on showdown... (Archived)
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What a cute pic. (Archived)Chenmaster234/21/2014
Blaziken or Infernape (Archived)b619poke84/21/2014
Suggestion for mega scizor (Archived)Yumatsukumo84/21/2014
Showdown servers are down? (Archived)Atownsduke54/21/2014
What makes your favorite generation your favorite generation? (Archived)
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is there anything holding shapedo back in vgc? (Archived)
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