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If you could choose between... (Archived)
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Just got Dialga in Diamond and... (Archived)Skull_pro64/20/2014
Theory: shinies are ancient, recessive genes... (Archived)mahgah9164/20/2014
Wow birthday cake on the Pokemon center screen (Archived)
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Do you like Pokemon Contests? (Poll)
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C/D: Shauna is the sexiest Pokegirl that's ever been in Pokemon! (Archived)
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Game freak makes me feel ashamed for wanting to use raticate. (Archived)
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Hold item that prevents trick? (Archived)SniperNightOwl84/20/2014
Is sassy a good nature for a bulbasaur and squirtle? (Archived)mm59_Buzz74/20/2014
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Any FASTER way to recover my PGL info? (Archived)Robo-san34/20/2014
Which one is worse IYO? (Poll)J_Applei44/20/2014
Is Mega Gyarados the most underrated mega? (Archived)
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When the f*** do we find out more info about f***ing Pokken Fighters? (Archived)Daemonscharm74/20/2014