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Counterpart Version Exclusive Polls: The Finalized Results! (Archived)
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Brodiac1992144/16 6:01PM
What moves get deleted at the day care? Bottom of the list or top? (Archived)gamerman5744/16 5:58PM
Draw a Shiny Focus Sash Scizor riding a Volcarona (Archived)charman584/16 5:53PM
They should make another Mega Alakazam. (Archived)GoldenGryados8534/16 5:53PM
One thing that I felt PokeTransporter did right... (Archived)Solar_Crimson44/16 5:48PM
there needs to be blood graphics in this game (Archived)FightingBoar94/16 5:42PM
The most forgettable team ever! (Archived)GhoullyX34/16 5:40PM
What playstyle are you? (Timmy, Johnny, or Spike) (Poll)
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Wetstew264/16 5:28PM
Who's the best fighter? (Poll)
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mrballerswaggin224/16 5:14PM
Hope Scizor has fun in UU! (Archived)
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LRodC124/16 5:11PM
Pokemon online MyWi (Archived)milotic4464/16 5:05PM
Saw someone on the PSS... (Archived)SilveryZangoose44/16 5:04PM
DEF or SpD for CurseSire? (Poll)Animako34/16 5:02PM
Cynthia x Dawn (Archived)SprintXtel84/16 4:57PM
What nature would an Autotomize Aegislash set would use? (Archived)Ballinari34/16 4:57PM
Can't log in to Pokemon Global Link (Archived)Matthew3DSGamer34/16 4:53PM
I can't make it past battle 22 on Maison's singles (Archived)
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PkmTrainerAbram114/16 4:45PM
I love defeating a 5x Dragon Dance'd Dragonite by switching and Metronome. (Archived)Muffinz0rz64/16 4:39PM
Can we all just stop and appreciate the existence of this pic? (Archived)
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StormOSummit134/16 4:36PM
blue pentagon? (Archived)XX_brawler_XX54/16 4:31PM