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Breeding research with the "Gender Modifier Code" from PowerSaves... (Archived)
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J'aime le Pokemon (Archived)
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Wanted: Advice for my team! (Archived)
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We should have gotten a choice on how we wanted to wear... (Archived)
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What time do I have to show to get all the TMs from the girl in Anistar City? (Archived)xxgamer91xx24/20/2014
Carracosta: Swift Swim / Shell Smash combo (Archived)K3fk494/20/2014
i wish there was a ladder somewhere where you and your opponent only have (Archived)Ballinari34/20/2014
If protect were removed from the game... (Archived)
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I will give you any pokemon/item you want (Archived)ojdaman24/20/2014
Does the game retain Pokemon Data from Gen 3? (Archived)DigiDude7754/20/2014
How successful are u at using the Masuda Method? (Archived)
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So what exactly is Celebi? (Archived)
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Who is a better wall... (Archived)Lord_Chivalry24/20/2014
Best Pokemon music? Day 6: Evil team boss theme (Poll)
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Best Pokemon music? Day 7: Legendary Trio theme (Poll)
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Predict which of these events (Poll)
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i havent played a pokemon game since the original, what should i know about? (Archived)smoky82094/20/2014
New typings you'd love to see (Archived)
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Dumb question, you see how we see "JPN" "SPA" ITA" and of other foreign tags (Archived)Ballinari84/20/2014
Which of these legendary Pokemon would you want to learn the listed move(s)? (Poll)
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