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ZOMG, I got all five Battle Maison trophies! I'm a Pokemon Master! (Archived)
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King_of_Flan114/16 9:37AM
Best Nature for Chespin Part Two (Archived)BeansDragon44/16 9:31AM
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Kalos Pokemon in Special Balls? (Archived)valin2434/16 9:02AM
Sheer Force Totodile question. (Archived)dooziexx94/16 8:59AM
slurpuff hp evs (Archived)Jyang92724/16 8:54AM
Who is the best magic bounce user? (Archived)itachi0094/16 8:48AM
So why cant the Pokemon Trainer just beat the s*** out of low level pokemon? (Archived)
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mistermikeymike534/16 8:03AM
Shiny Charm (Archived)patkelly92954/16 8:03AM
Ninetales build help (Archived)tarzanmx74/16 7:56AM
A friend wants to make a Mono-fighting team... Any advice? (Archived)
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jjsykes031214/16 7:53AM
How old is Valerie (Archived)
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milotic44954/16 7:45AM
can i register? (Archived)manlyman6924/16 7:42AM
I never understood the joy of annoying someone to the point of quitting, until.. (Archived)Chaos4629014/16 7:35AM
People have no idea what Gliscor's typing is. (Archived)
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Nathbuds123204/16 7:24AM
What pokeball would suit Exeggutor? (Archived)aydosv74/16 7:24AM
So I just got a streetpass for the first time... (Archived)Shotgunryugan14/16 7:23AM
Best pokemon used in a human war? (Archived)
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Darkdemon8910414/16 7:06AM
I effing did it! (Archived)
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LightningAce11124/16 6:48AM
Alpha and Omega versions confurmed? (Archived)kadabrium104/16 6:46AM