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Hyper Beam worth it on Mega Gardevoir? Giga Impact worth it on Mega Pinsir? (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube124/18 2:09PM
LOL! Just pounded a noob. (Archived)
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Verlisfy354/18 2:08PM
LMAO!!! Just pounded ANOTHER noob!!! (Archived)
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Verlisfy544/18 2:05PM
Post your best Vs. Recorder battles! (Archived)
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AwkwardTurtle26184/18 2:04PM
April Friendlies team? (Archived)Raltrios14/18 2:03PM
Day to day resets not happening. (Archived)heughhh64/18 1:58PM
omg epic battle (Archived)uramazing44/18 1:57PM
What to do with a Bold Eevee (Archived)Biefstukje54/18 1:51PM
Yes! I did it!! :D (Archived)
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Missingno_Mastr144/18 1:48PM
the rage! (Archived)vogymaan34/18 1:42PM
shauna is the deepest char in the series (Archived)fakefire64/18 1:39PM
Gogoat needs Grassy Terrain so bad (Archived)PokemonYoutube14/18 1:37PM
Dat first turn tho....... (Archived)kadabrium34/18 1:23PM
A Mega for a UU Rain Team (Archived)
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XenysXero124/18 1:22PM
How does one obtain a high IV Legendary? (Archived)Nathbuds12384/18 1:21PM
So has it ever been confirmed or debunked that tipping increases shiny chance? (Archived)Blk_Mage_Ctype84/18 1:16PM
save game hangs at "game sync in progress" 5+ minutes (Archived)moltres_rider64/18 1:08PM
RMT... please? (Archived)Stat1k8384/18 1:06PM
Is this pikachu fat? (Archived)
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milotic44134/18 1:01PM
So the Japanese get to have the chance to have more of the same mega stones. (Archived)Haxdreigon84/18 12:56PM