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zombiabsol144/19 12:54PM
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Can You Help Me Find A Nickname For My Pokemon? (Archived)
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Dark_Angel3133184/19 12:40PM
Weavile would be a top 20 OU pokemon with tough claws (Archived)
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gamepimp12174/19 12:31PM
Post the last thing you got in Wondertrade and it's ethnicity. (Archived)iamjosh308104/19 12:18PM
Whats the damage multiplier for Tough Claws? (Archived)FryDays500064/19 12:01PM
Need some advice for my Pokemon Club (Archived)
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gbatt484/19 11:55AM
pokemiles (Archived)itachi0054/19 11:54AM
There needs to be a pokemon based on Fluffy Chicken. (Archived)KillerMechanoid34/19 11:51AM
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Lets talk about Granbull. (Archived)
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FryDays5000194/19 11:36AM
So I've finally worn down my girlfriend of two and a half years and she's agreed (Archived)
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MisterMyster614634/19 11:33AM
Dragon and Fairy should not be types (Archived)
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SorceressTharja254/19 11:31AM
so, trying to nickname my Archeops.... (Archived)
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HarryBotter14114/19 11:21AM
Getting started with doubles (Archived)
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Froakiebloke124/19 11:16AM
Disconnecting in Free Battles (Archived)INateYou14/19 11:12AM
Your Reaction: Pokemon base 140 speed and higher can now move twice in one turn. (Archived)
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LRodC304/19 11:11AM
That awkward moment when.... (Archived)lawlnope24/19 11:10AM