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help pickup ability! (Archived)dudeboy63872/18 12:49PM
So this guy switched his Gliscor into my Delphox.... (Archived)
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hodelino672/18 12:48PM
Competitively speaking, what would be the best natures for all of the starters? (Archived)MeleeSonic9712/18 12:46PM
Free Blake Blaziken! (Archived)Doctor_Spanky32/18 12:41PM
What's a good EV spread for a mixed Samurott? (Archived)andrewx7242/18 12:34PM
Rate mah Battle Spot/Vgc team (Archived)andrewx7272/18 12:32PM
I find it funny about gensect being banned just because of the timing of it (Archived)
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drlolimaster122/18 12:30PM
how does megaevolution (Archived)bobdylogno512/18 12:30PM
Hunting for shinies is dumb (Archived)
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GiranXYZ112/18 12:26PM
I need help (Archived)Adumigan62/18 12:23PM
Mega Pinsir - Adamant or Jolly? (Archived)jofotran2172/18 12:20PM
Rate my team plz (Archived)Pokemaster236122/18 12:18PM
Is Mega Venusaur worth having as a defensive wall? (Archived)
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Byxis7132/18 12:18PM
Twitch Plays Pokemon Cont (Archived)
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SalsaSavant5002/18 12:15PM
I'm at a.......dilemma with Meganium.... (Archived)legendrider72/18 12:15PM
Anyone think raichu with nasty plot will be a thing soon? (Archived)drlolimaster12/18 12:15PM
Found a Yveltal EX card,144/146. Any idea how to figure out if its 1st edition? (Archived)Coop1482/18 12:04PM
What are the odds of... (Archived)Pokemaster236132/18 11:56AM
If you needed further proof that people in Ubers are terrible... (Archived)
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Great_Reapette142/18 11:50AM
What would happen to Smogon if... (Archived)
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TableFlip142/18 11:50AM