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Is the darkrai from gen 5 cursed with bad IV's or omthing? (Archived)
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Is there any benefit to level 100? (Archived)
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HHH is the game193/8 11:51AM
Like 1/2 of the Poke Balls suck. Design some good ones (Archived)
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Should a type be immune to Fairy? (Archived)
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Who wants to see me VS. TyraitarTube? (Archived)
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Favorite Tank Pokemon (Archived)
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To Be Honest, The All X/Y Events... (Archived)
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Gen 1 pokemon (plus few others) critiqued. How good/bad is Gen 1? (Archived)
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Viking_in_a_Box163/8 11:11AM
There should be a hold item for pre evos that... (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob133/8 10:55AM
Shiny Vivillons? (Archived)CaptianTeemo73/8 10:50AM