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is dream ball HA dratini legal? (Archived)
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HopesNo1Fan122/17 4:39PM
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Super-Size Pumpkaboo... (Archived)
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Sword Dance viable in 3v3 singles? (Archived)Zasben72/17 4:35PM
Would you try to talk someone who is playing Pokemon game in public transit? (Poll)
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keyos27272/17 4:23PM
Last pokeball (Archived)DougMcDouglas82/17 4:20PM
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Help me design an all Eeveeon team! (Archived)
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Pharaohmone132/17 4:15PM
Why can't I put my arceus from black into the poketransporter? (Archived)FGT_ICHIGO9452/17 4:12PM
water shuriken gimmick set (Archived)LordMordor12/17 4:10PM
Is Air Slash broken or just pure conincidence? (Archived)
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BDM2004222/17 4:08PM
Shiny eevee (Archived)boto379852/17 4:03PM
YR: After announcing the next Pokemon game, GF also... (Archived)
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SteelPunk808202/17 4:02PM
My first ever sweep! :D (Archived)Puppyfaic52/17 3:57PM
the cloning of shiny pokemon is going to evolve (Archived)clayton112332/17 3:55PM
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Jolly Kangashkan. Max Attack and Max Speed? (Archived)Samurontai52/17 3:49PM
Mantyke is adorable. (Archived)Garioshi62/17 3:44PM
I think the best Sylveon setup is this: (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys102/17 3:39PM