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Swagger is now officially banned from Smogon OU (Archived)
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Currently Pokemon X and Y introduced 26 megas so with that said ... (Archived)Chenmaster264/20/2014
So, my Riolu beat an M-Lucario (Archived)
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Baton Pass should pass on statuses as well (Archived)kclaujames54/20/2014
Favorite "weak" fish (Archived)BouncingFish84/20/2014
Is HA Mega Abomasnow a good idea? (Archived)Froakiebloke74/20/2014
Friends? (Archived)Anders140734/20/2014
Battle Maison winning Streak (Archived)Kayzer_x54/20/2014
Where is the best place to level up? (Archived)
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Anyone else find it b*******... (Archived)MegaSableye24/19/2014
This whole thing with humanoid pokemon... (Archived)
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Is Funbro/Funissey v Funbro/Funissey like the new Metapod v. Metapod? (Archived)Airship_Canon24/19/2014
Ditto (Archived)Animenerd2454/19/2014
How does a Gliscor learns Ice Fang? (Archived)Robo-san34/19/2014
Simple but cool new feature idea? (Archived)3whopper364/19/2014
Can fossil pokemon be bred shiny? (Archived)jeff_henze44/19/2014
Is this a good Mega Mom set? (Archived)Lonta_Beans84/19/2014
List of T-Rex influenced Pokemon? (Archived)
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which of these pokemon do you think has the most value iyo (Poll)CarmeIo_Anthony74/19/2014
Level 100 Pokemon can still be EV trained, right? (Archived)Raltrios54/19/2014