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What are the legends that can be obtained in level one? (Archived)
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inTaCtfuL113/3 3:13AM
If you were wondering if the shiny charm works with breeding... (Archived)
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Buskowski373/3 3:07AM
Unaware? (Archived)
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toon_link_346173/3 3:02AM
Pokemon Wifi Team (Archived)ItsVickerz23/3 3:00AM
People take Pokemon too seriously. (Archived)
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Atom72173/3 2:33AM
YR: This replaces the pokemon anime (Archived)
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JayStrike123/3 2:30AM
Name rater infinite? also do you name them? (Archived)kupo4life43/3 2:23AM
Trick rooming a trick room. which pokemon to use? (Archived)Xiocamie43/3 2:15AM
I finally got a 31/31/31/?/31/31 impish phantump after two boxes (Archived)Splinter_Within73/3 2:14AM
C/D Democracy ruined Twitch Plays Pokemon. (Archived)
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Jarred623293/3 1:58AM
How long will it take smogon to ban Mega Lucario? (Archived)TheWalkingTyler43/3 1:49AM
Opinions (Poll)
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Shigmiya64113/3 1:21AM
RNG. I hate you. (Archived)antiheroforhire73/3 1:13AM
Opinion (Archived)JohnRust743/3 1:03AM
What would a team made up of the most underrated Pokemon look like? (Archived)ThunderTrain63/3 12:58AM