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Item Ideas? Share and Rate! (Archived)
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mezomi_64124/15 4:35PM
Who are your current 6 Pokemon? (Archived)
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Xiaoyu420514/15 4:33PM
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A_Man3383358553254/15 4:14PM
C/D : Battle Spot Singles is bad (Archived)
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UltraKangaskhan134/15 4:11PM
What is the absolute BEST counter to N00bflame? (Archived)
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Benify164/15 4:03PM
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What I really look forward to being discovered hopefully soon (Archived)
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DarkHeroRaven194/15 3:35PM
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Game Freak asks you to give your favorite Pokemon a new ability... (Archived)
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MegaVenusaur914/15 3:27PM
Showdown > Actual Game (Archived)
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gsadr123284/15 3:14PM