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How true of a Pokemon fan are you? (Archived)john150bacardi104/17 8:47PM
Just realized Tierno had no purpose or value in this game whatsoever. (Archived)
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Rainbowgloom474/17 8:44PM
Speed of Power? (Archived)aydosv44/17 8:43PM
There's nothing more satisfying than beating a guy who hax you into oblivion (Archived)CrosswindVortex24/17 8:36PM
What's your Onion on Yveltal (Archived)fedartz84/17 8:30PM
Lol Shedninja (Archived)Plant4234/17 8:24PM
Did anyone else think Trevor was a girl? (Archived)Laihendi84/17 8:21PM
What is a good additional member to my team? (Archived)
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Greatdaen284/17 8:21PM
Why does the game only let you select the first four music tracks for Maison? (Archived)
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SilverZangoose144/17 8:19PM
Breaking news! (Archived)
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mariopokefan171404/17 8:18PM
What do you guys think of PokeBattle? (Archived)iKhan8884/17 8:18PM
Guess what new info the hackers just barely found out! (Archived)mariopokefan17194/17 8:16PM
Can your 3 top pokemon be good competitive 3v3 team? (Archived)
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flamepelt204/17 8:16PM
Draw your favorite pokemon an evolution... (Archived)CrystalZanviper14/17 8:13PM
Questions about sets for Mega Mawile, Mega Blaziken, and Registeel? (Archived)
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Rainbowgloom264/17 8:12PM
need help with natures (Archived)venkou344/17 8:10PM
I just discovered the real life "Wailord"!!!! (Archived)
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john150bacardi204/17 8:09PM
Is this a good Gen 5 team? (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman124/17 8:04PM
Best Blue Oak team? (Archived)aydosv94/17 8:02PM
[Spoiler] Hoopa / Volcanion / Zygarde Signature moves video (Poll)
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Kaphotics274/17 7:55PM