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Please explain to me why Greninja is so important that he is a newcomer for SSB4 (Archived)
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Here's what smogon should do to make random battles better (Archived)
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matthewtheman114/10 7:24PM
AWESOME Magikarp sweep! (Archived)
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SilveryZangoose234/10 7:12PM
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Is this Moltres worth anything? (Archived)
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Rylukin124/10 6:54PM
Evolving Braixen into Delphox worth it ? (Archived)
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moethuta134/10 6:44PM
How do you transfer Gen IV pokemon to Gen VI? (Archived)
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Judgmenl124/10 6:42PM
Do you think we're going to have more new Pokemon for 6 gen... (Archived)GangstaLizard9564/10 6:37PM
Megazard X Flare Blitz or Overheat? (Archived)TAINTED ENIGMA74/10 6:36PM
Creating a good team (Archived)diegocordova34/10 6:16PM
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Does Celebi really NEED Stealth Rock? (Archived)
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Tasty_Soup124/10 5:31PM
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