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Turn your favorite songs into Pokrmon moves. (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin364/12 8:31AM
dragalge nature/evs (Archived)Callista08104/12 8:31AM
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Rare Candies... Still Wonder Trade best place for them? (Archived)RonCarrProject54/12 7:58AM
If you saw a diggersby in real life. What would you do? (Archived)
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TheGoodRoman264/12 7:53AM
Working around the choice items one-move-only? (Archived)
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Zeron RB114/12 7:31AM
Since Tyranitar is 4x weak to fighting.... (Archived)
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TheGoodRoman244/12 7:29AM
How rare are HA Eevees in Friend Safari? (Archived)
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cloud_8f8f124/12 7:16AM
Lol, a Cloud Nine Swablu in horde is denied by natural rain. (Archived)Chaosmaster0054/12 7:01AM
Pokemon Board, I dare you to try Chatot. (Archived)
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Zeeky_Bomb274/12 7:01AM
I have not caught up yet... (Archived)CrystalZanviper24/12 6:53AM
A question about fast friendship raising. (Archived)blademyth64/12 6:49AM
Does anyone here play pokemon? (Archived)
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Lonta_Beans684/12 6:45AM
Pokedex Challenge (Archived)KillDozer12334/12 6:34AM
Check out my epic Dunsparce double battle. (Archived)matthewtheman34/12 6:13AM
i dont think i deserved this win. did i? (Archived)
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Xerxes132164/12 6:13AM
help me find the missing link in my team (Archived)SilentCow96084/12 6:00AM
Trivia!! How well do you know the Furisode Girls? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger224/12 5:40AM
Last Pokemon for my Battlespot Singles Mono-Fire Team (Archived)WolfJounin74/12 5:20AM
I want a Megalodon Water/Dragon Sharpedo Mega Evolution! (Archived)legendrider54/12 5:19AM