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Toss me ideas for a Bravely Default-Based Team. (Archived)
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GatedSunOne164/13 8:15PM
Do you have a Rapid Spinner/Defog user? (Archived)
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hodelino314/13 8:14PM
What's my best bet for an unnerve user in vgc (Archived)loffter64/13 8:12PM
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Do the tiers matter? (Archived)gsadr12364/13 7:44PM
Wy dont we have a vampire pokemon? (Archived)
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javel34414/13 7:39PM
Could this Drifblim work?? (Archived)jEr3mY34/13 7:35PM
Wait, what's all this about Thousand moves? (Archived)ZinogreSparks64/13 7:34PM