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Which NPC Trainer is your Valentine? (Archived)
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Hitmonlee's Battle animation... (Archived)MegaSableye52/14 3:59PM
YR: "Naked" humanoid pokemon now have to wear clothes (Poll)
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djmetal777132/14 3:59PM
Reminder that Pokemon can have up to eight egg moves (Archived)kukiburra72/14 3:58PM
I hope they reduce Garchomp's base speed next gen (Archived)
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VCreate-Malamar562/14 3:51PM
Should I name my Parasect "Sleep Claws"? (Archived)HHDeception62/14 3:48PM
Help with doubles team (Archived)
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thomasfreid182/14 3:46PM
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Tyranitar nicknames? (Archived)
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