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whos better Lucario or Infernape (Poll)
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Toughest312/17 3:19AM
I see a lot of people using Nidoking? (Archived)
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EV help. (Archived)thomasfreid12/17 2:55AM
Your Opinion: Milotic or Gliscor (Archived)
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tdsr142/17 2:42AM
Mew with fake out (Archived)CommonDreads52/17 2:15AM
Why do people hate on Showdown? (Archived)
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Brandon042487182/17 2:15AM
Need a Fletchling with Adamant nature and Gale Wings Ability (Archived)DoctorSkyy32/17 2:12AM
I just realized that competitive Pokemon requires no life (Archived)
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Second_Hokage472/17 2:07AM
Why does Malamar have to be so terrible? (Archived)Loshadt82/17 2:06AM
As a Delphox Gamer, I am disappointed in media bashing my seniorita. (Archived)HiImOhYeahDaisy92/17 2:00AM
Seriously Route 19. Why you rain so often!! (Archived)mushman12342/17 1:59AM
I found a weakness for togekiss! (Archived)Mikokiri52/17 1:52AM
So, this guy switched Delphox in on me... (Archived)legendxofxsky102/17 1:42AM
Cant really tell if this good luck or bad (Archived)starmaine199012/17 1:37AM
Ugh, stop it. (Archived)Trainer_Lukas82/17 1:30AM
Make an invincible Pokemon (Archived)
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kclaujames202/17 1:30AM
The Maison's Claydol just used explosion on my Mega Banette (Archived)omgitsjustme82/17 1:18AM
Event legends through Bank (Archived)Jokerboy1172/17 1:10AM
Keep Pokemon in game cartridge or Pokebank? (Archived)miosid_0372/17 1:02AM