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Why do people disconnect over forfeiting? (Archived)KingOfGames91573/3 12:37AM
Does anybody have a link to VGC state events? (Archived)deidara2143/3 12:21AM
Name a Pokemon with an ability that makes no thematic sense (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform133/3 12:17AM
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You have 372 Days until Pokemon Bank Membership Expires.... (Archived)legendxofxsky103/3 12:13AM
Fun Fact: Farfetch'd is the 7th worst fully-evolved Pokemon, only in front of... (Archived)
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a_fartn_Spartan393/3 12:09AM
Post your cool showdown replays. (Archived)TheFAQKing83/3 12:03AM
Which Unova Starter Do You Like The Most? (Poll)Isiah Zombie63/2 11:58PM
Why so people find sycamore sexy? (Archived)Corlesslover3083/2 11:46PM
what is a good pokemon for catching other pokemon with? (Archived)
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Trigg3rH4ppy163/2 11:39PM
Pokemon you always include in your team? (Archived)
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N-K-S213/2 11:33PM
Apricot/move tutor (Archived)avonna3233/2 11:28PM
Have any of these been discovered with powersave yet? (Archived)
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-Unowninator-373/2 11:27PM
I can't believe I won this. (Archived)
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TheFAQKing133/2 11:21PM
Training/Battle question. (Archived)aqua_fox12253/2 11:16PM
Hatching Power S? (Archived)BlueCrystalTear73/2 11:09PM
Does anyone here actually use PokeBank? (Archived)
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8Panda273/2 11:09PM
which team of types of pokemon is the best ? (Archived)neo1mark23/2 11:05PM
Club Nintendo offer? (Archived)MM12543/2 11:05PM
Mrgrgr (Archived)
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Dante2049303/2 11:00PM