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Predict the next Smogon ban (Poll)
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The intriguing stone - Diance? (Archived)
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Dronagon172/15 4:50AM
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Which legit rare event Pokemon are you most proud to still have? (Archived)
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YamiJustin372/15 4:47AM
I've figured out the secret to why the protagonists are prodigious trainers! (Archived)ISECream102/15 4:46AM
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EV Training Question! (Archived)
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Alcyone_Eros122/15 4:00AM
Alright, let's combine two controversial things in Pokemon: hacking and Smogon! (Poll)
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zelionx212/15 3:53AM
Is Sheer Force glitching for anyone else? (Archived)
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Rayquaza_is_Z162/15 3:43AM