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I am the true Pokemon fan (Archived)
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I actually like battle maison more than online matches (Archived)WorldTrader24/14/2014
Bisharp is Epic (Archived)
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whats the point of battling now (Archived)fakefire84/14/2014
anyone's Battle Maison avatar have Typhlosion? (Archived)King_of_Flan14/14/2014
Is there a way to get Houndoom's HA? (Archived)
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wolf rider154/14/2014
Quick Claw Gengar (Archived)AnteaterHeatmor84/14/2014
help with a Sun team!! (Archived)jEr3mY64/14/2014
The newest VG cats comic discusses is about Mewtwo and Greninja in Smash (Archived)Oblivion_Hero54/14/2014
Advise to cheer up my friend. (Archived)
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Lf fairy safari's (Archived)SageGoku34/14/2014
Does Pyroar have a Megastone? (Archived)DepreceV254/14/2014
Stupid showdown (Archived)LightningAce1164/14/2014
Why cant i use belly drum + quick attack zard on showdown ? (Archived)neo1mark54/14/2014
how likely is it that gamefreak will retcon dragon typing next gen (Archived)TheRamosOnline24/14/2014
YR: Speed has a small factor in Evasion (Archived)Vesper23854/14/2014
Can someone tell me how this happened? Sky Drop vs Rage Powder. (Archived)SkittyOnWailord34/14/2014
I faced someone who made me reconsider Megazam's power (Archived)
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Snorunt is so kawaii-desu ~ (Archived)wolf rider74/14/2014
Question about Pixilate Hyper Voice and Screens (Archived)hodelino74/14/2014