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Remember when Sylveon was definitely not a new type that wasn't going to happen? (Archived)HHDeception103/3 1:20PM
O.O imma name my Sylveon (Archived)Dante204953/3 1:19PM
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CookieMarvin163/3 1:04PM
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Kyurem Form or Kyurem Forme? (Archived)moltres_rider53/3 1:00PM
PokeBattle bans Pokemon? (Archived)
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RatheV223/3 12:59PM
Can AZ's Floette be used in the Battle Maisen/Institute? (Archived)-Unowninator-63/3 12:58PM
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Pokemon bank question, (Archived)CrimsonJudgment63/3 12:45PM
Here's the real problem with shinies (Archived)
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Shigmiya64223/3 12:44PM
Do you prepare for Zoroark's Illusion? (Archived)TableFlip83/3 12:14PM
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Gen 6 metagame in a nutshell (Archived)
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Mephilas113/3 12:12PM
Nuzlocke stories (Archived)Ice_Dragon1433/3 12:12PM
So Mega Lati@s have no real niche? (Archived)
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wwwgippal2153/3 12:12PM
Kecleon vs Volcarona (Archived)vinhamon13/3 12:10PM
is pokebank acting slow for any of yall, or is it just me? (Archived)inTaCtfuL43/3 12:09PM
Have you ever tried Masuda Method? Was it worth it? Did/will you try it again? (Archived)
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CakeOfLies183/3 11:59AM
Perishtrap Mega Gengar vs Mega Blaziken (Archived)neo1mark103/3 11:59AM
I hate people who rage quit on WiFi. (Archived)
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Ranmaru-2333/3 11:57AM