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Powersaves Pro (Archived)Shadow8008103/15 12:35PM
Just bought a powersave 3ds, but codes missing. (Archived)
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Bestsc123/15 12:35PM
TTP Crystal team battle. I LOVE how this ended. (Archived)HHDeception23/15 12:34PM
Which mega pokemon has the best "stand-alone" battle type? (Archived)safeguarde23/15 12:33PM
Most Beautiful Pokemon: Championship Edition (Poll)
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runarraw253/15 12:32PM
Who wants Dream World back? (Poll)
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choicespec293/15 12:32PM
Breeding Hidden Power question (Archived)Nintendo_Sabres53/15 12:29PM
How to block somebody from PSS (Rudimentary) (Archived)ashrobb93/15 12:26PM
Skarmory question (Archived)Omega407033/15 12:23PM
So what happened to making your own base since gen 3? (Archived)pyojune43/15 12:22PM
About Super Training (Archived)
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Kaeaja113/15 12:18PM
Does any one else get bored of using trick room teams? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger53/15 12:16PM
Poison Jab or Parting Shot on a CB Pangoro? (Archived)Ventwig53/15 12:13PM
Help me make a team around Mega Scizor? (Archived)Noxatrox23/15 12:07PM
Dropping happines (Archived)Raven8SP43/15 12:06PM
Someone please help me with a tech question? (Archived)Koffing42453/15 11:59AM
So no matter what you say, I'm running a mixed Greninja. What should it know? (Archived)
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Froakiebloke153/15 11:48AM
IV Breeding: Noivern (Archived)123outerme53/15 11:44AM
How long does Destiny Bond last? (Archived)TheJester233/15 11:41AM
Which Pokemon name is misspelled the most often? (Archived)
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Opalflare1003/15 11:34AM