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Should they drop the starter ability trend? (Archived)
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Poisonedsword264/12 6:10PM
What is your top 3 Starter lines (main games) (Archived)
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Vesper238294/12 6:03PM
YR: The next generation introduces quick-time events (Archived)
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aurumArgentum154/12 6:02PM
RMT: Trolltastic (Archived)jEr3mY84/12 6:02PM
I can't believe how long I lasted in this battle... (Archived)cloud_8f8f34/12 5:53PM
I like Heliolisk... (Archived)mrballerswaggin24/12 5:49PM
2nd gen is the only gen that got it right (Archived)
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Steelix500294/12 5:46PM
pokeball powersaves codes and legit check? (Archived)toothpiq24/12 5:30PM
What IYO were the best and worst changes this gen? (Archived)
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JamRock505354/12 5:30PM
Question about Sableye (Archived)jEr3mY74/12 5:26PM
but deposit, talonflame. (Archived)loffter24/12 5:21PM
Anyone got any good Ghost mono ideas? (Archived)Rommyent64/12 5:20PM
Legendary pokemon question (Archived)Gamefreak959064/12 5:19PM
Remaking my team from Silver (Archived)Kaoshi_San24/12 5:12PM
I just figured out why I like dodrio so much with thrash. (Archived)loffter74/12 5:10PM
Is there any way to make Rapidash and Gengar work together in Doubles? (Archived)
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Jillipenny124/12 5:07PM
Was Magnemite more popular than Voltorb? (Archived)Plant4234/12 5:07PM
Tyrantrum moveset (Archived)Callista0824/12 5:03PM
Will Game Frealk ever show what Diglett/Dugtrio's body looks like? (Archived)PikachuTheHorn64/12 5:03PM
It must suck for Vivillon to be #666 Pokemon when it's so cute. (Archived)
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MegaWentEvil454/12 5:03PM