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I Am Disliking This Trend With Rivals (Archived)
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Is the Mewtwo in this game Shiny locked? (Archived)Storrac22/28 1:23PM
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Need a Nickname for my Pidgeot (Archived)
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hodelino142/28 1:10PM
Pokegen Unown Question (Archived)BritGirl22/28 1:09PM
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Song in this Pokemon video? (Archived)FightingPolygon72/28 1:01PM
Redistribute a Pokemon's stats! (Archived)
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FoundAUsername232/28 12:57PM
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what is shiny charm (Archived)drake_purdum42/28 12:50PM
Return or double-edge? (Archived)TheNaSMaX12/28 12:38PM
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Screw Pidgeot, Staraptor's the REAL Bird Jesus (Archived)Azumarill1277762/28 12:27PM
extremely dumb question, how can you find out a club nintendo's pin number of a (Archived)FugeeBar32/28 12:19PM