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Got wrecked by scarfed greninja today. (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42123/26 9:25AM
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Red card is such a fun item (Archived)drlolimaster13/26 8:43AM
Which Pokemon has the nicest toes? (Archived)BluntGrunt73/26 8:33AM
Silverzangoose, I like to ask one question. (Archived)GangstaLizard9553/26 8:24AM
who does this best? taunt, uturn, fake out, attack (Archived)chelth83/26 8:18AM
How do people become really good at competitive? (Archived)
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LightningAce11223/26 8:16AM
Has Swagger been banned by BOTH Smogon and Pokemon Online or just Pokemon Online (Archived)Dabrikishaw1543/26 8:15AM
Need help starting a new challenge run (Archived)Electabuzz9323/26 8:15AM
Assault Vest Ludicolo is actually pretty fun. (Archived)Fowhawk33/26 7:55AM
Need a physical wall for my (Archived)
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jonnyboyIV163/26 7:51AM
I just had a passerby battle request. .. (Archived)
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DrakJay113/26 7:36AM
Your favorite fictional characters... (Archived)TrainerAura93/26 7:31AM
Just hatched a Shiny Tyrunt, wut do? (Archived)
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darkzero297163/26 7:18AM
Perfect or Almost Perfect IV Ditto Question. (Archived)
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cooljew17143/26 7:11AM
Never done this before - Jigglypuff (Archived)
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Adzey123/26 6:57AM
I'm Playing Pokemon Y and am currently in route 6... (Archived)Skull_pro53/26 6:10AM