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Just How Are You Guys Still Finding Replayability In This Game? (Archived)
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kaliskonig124/12 7:15PM
Serebii has the diancie event posted and it's terrible ! (Archived)
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gamepimp12754/12 7:10PM
Should they drop the starter ability trend? (Archived)
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Poisonedsword264/12 7:10PM
What is your top 3 Starter lines (main games) (Archived)
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Vesper238294/12 7:03PM
YR: The next generation introduces quick-time events (Archived)
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aurumArgentum154/12 7:02PM
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2nd gen is the only gen that got it right (Archived)
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Steelix500294/12 6:46PM
pokeball powersaves codes and legit check? (Archived)toothpiq24/12 6:30PM