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Popups in PSS Screen? (Archived)JediMutant32/16 11:18AM
I really wish they had given bigger buffs to the regional bugs. (Archived)
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Froakiebloke112/16 11:13AM
Pokemon Plus and Minus - Next Gen Games (Archived)PokeMaster21152/16 11:12AM
changing the starters ball (Archived)animeftw99962/16 11:03AM
Kanto and Johto had the most complicated cave maps (Archived)NeoSioType72/16 11:03AM
Does anyone else want a new Shadow Pokemon game? Or am I the only one? (Archived)
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-Unowninator-492/16 10:55AM
Mr Mime help (Archived)nikhil92572/16 10:54AM
About the 3D (Archived)blademyth52/16 10:54AM
I just 3-0'd this Japenese guy's OU team with a Lilligant. (Archived)
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achimed372/16 10:46AM
Slurpuff defensive synergy (Archived)
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78Coop112/16 10:40AM
Will Dewgong Ever Be Good? (Archived)
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LinkandLuigi202/16 10:34AM
Rate my Special Slurpuff set (Archived)
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qbicfeet112/16 10:19AM
Which of these categories does your favourite Pokemon fall under? (Poll)
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geo_GASman122/16 10:10AM
New Pokemon Ranger anyone? (Archived)Tourtus102/16 10:09AM
Breeding question (Archived)BlackHole00142/16 9:56AM
6 on 6 battle anybody? (Archived)Shinga200052/16 9:55AM
I think I figured out something about the Battle Maison. (Archived)
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Takaoldaria142/16 9:53AM
Why doesn't Thunder hit through subs? (Archived)Windyligth72/16 9:51AM
About Poke Bank ! (Archived)TheKotarou32/16 9:47AM
Both Mew and Celebi High Five you (Archived)360pages102/16 9:45AM