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Ice vs. bugs (Archived)
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Zaeleonyx184/6 4:39PM
Gen 3 is the only gen so far that introduced a large amount of good pokemon (Archived)
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pcmike2334/6 4:38PM
murkrow egg moves (Archived)DeadPool53534/6 4:28PM
What is up with this xerneas set... (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42254/6 4:18PM
Can someone should me a good example of a rain team? (Archived)deoxxys84/6 4:17PM
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Pokebank: is it possible to get a Superpower Spinda? (Archived)Animako94/6 4:03PM
Adamant Drapion or Jolly Drapion? (Archived)cloud_8f8f94/6 3:56PM
which of these pokemon should become my rain dancer? (Archived)deoxxys24/6 3:39PM
sp defense or hit points (Archived)loffter34/6 3:35PM
I f***ing love f***ing Shiny Rapidash (Archived)
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hodelino344/6 3:32PM
YR: Clawitzer gets Shell Smash (Archived)DrakJay14/6 3:31PM
Wow now my crobat is useless now that it cant use swagger (Archived)
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deoxxys164/6 3:30PM
Gen 6 Dragon Type? (Poll)
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ZeroGravity38294/6 3:26PM
Team help? (Archived)gamemaniac0014/6 3:24PM
so powersaves allows you to back up your physical copy only? (Archived)CarmeIo_Anthony14/6 3:18PM
Favourite pokegirl? (Archived)
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LightningAce11274/6 3:05PM
legends should come with 5 perfect ivs, instead of 3 tbqfh imo lol (Archived)
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inTaCtfuL134/6 3:00PM