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The living Pokedex (Archived)
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Contradictator192/27 4:38PM
Worldwide powersave release tomorrow i believe. (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4242/27 4:36PM
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Actual Cheating Online on Battle Spot (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42522/27 4:30PM
*ALERT* Gogoat Express (:OKAS) Mini Giveaway #2 TOMORROW! (Archived)
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KokoFlow112/27 4:29PM
Go away. =_= (Archived)
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The game is evil (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob62/27 4:27PM
PSA: You can say "Cofagrigus" if you spell it correctly (Archived)SorceressTharja72/27 4:24PM
Maison shenanigans. (Archived)
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RED_LINK1202/27 4:15PM
Battle at Spot starts and my opponent sends out Kangashkan (Archived)wwwgippal262/27 4:10PM
So, can the west receive Diancie yet? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman62/27 4:09PM
So, where is the meta at right now? (Archived)
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Geminia999172/27 4:05PM
lmao megakhan is always the #1 used poke to beat everything else (Archived)
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Teh_Tiltyu122/27 3:58PM
More people should play battle spot rated. (Archived)UltraKangaskhan82/27 3:53PM
A wild shiny Diancie appeared with four Scizors! (Archived)
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BalloonBattle05152/27 3:49PM
Pokemon Theme based Team (PTBT) No.2: Street Fighter (Archived)
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hodelino182/27 3:42PM
So is Diancie a brand new pokemon? (Archived)Pupu2742/27 3:39PM