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Good way/place to activate double battles for Smeargle Sketching? (Archived)xoing99932/13 1:59PM
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Chatot is beast (Archived)
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ssb_master192/13 1:47PM
There are Pokemon that really need a buff. (Archived)pafbonk102/13 1:33PM
YR: Justin Beiber directs the next pokemon game (Archived)
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Morningstar1337182/13 1:32PM
List your current mm project (Archived)
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Is it just me, or are the Maison partner AIs brain-dead? (Archived)NegaZelda12/13 1:27PM
Are you against using non-uber Legendaries? (Poll)
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Puppyfaic122/13 1:17PM
The true Talonflame counter (Archived)
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LightSprite162/13 1:17PM
Why is everyone so obsessed over shiny pokemon? (Archived)
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miosid_03392/13 1:16PM
good moveset for life orb ha nidoking?? (Archived)donkeyinthemist52/13 1:14PM
When is gamefreak going to make a bird plate? (Archived)
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gavinlee999142/13 1:12PM
Nostalgia (Archived)BloodlustSweden12/13 1:09PM
What a cute valentine poster of Serena and Ash. (Archived)Chenmaster242/13 1:09PM
Tomorrow's Nintendo Direct is Iwata's Chance to Apologize for th Pokebank Fiasco (Poll)
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PhantasmShot432/13 1:02PM
If I breed a 6iv ditto with a 5iv parent... (Archived)Pokemaster236172/13 12:56PM
I gotta say I love walling stuff like Talonflame, Ttar and Azumarril (Archived)wwwgippal292/13 12:50PM
Can someone give me a list? (Archived)Vadmac22/13 12:49PM
I don't understand difiant (Archived)Adumigan102/13 12:49PM