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Pokemon should require the same amount of skill as chess (Archived)
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I'm late but these bans are getting out of hand. (Archived)
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Almost got scammed (Archived)darkmoon15364/12/2014
Which Boldore picture is best? (Poll)
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trolliest 4 'mon team? (Archived)l33t_ninj4_133744/12/2014
Question about Drappy (Archived)Plant4284/12/2014
I just bred an imperfect shiny 5iv dratini with shed skin and (Archived)Oozae94/12/2014
My nephew does NOT want Pokemon X or Y (Archived)
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Suicune is so underrated. (Archived)mrvlrdr10114/12/2014
It really is a shame that Delphox didn't make it into smash.bros. (Archived)
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So, Zygarde's tier (Archived)emeraldfox_0954/12/2014
Hatching O-Power (Archived)Airship_Canon64/12/2014
best pokemon to use rest? (Archived)Hunter_mk74/12/2014
need help on a move set for a 5iv timid treeko (Archived)Ray555574/12/2014
why does the BW/B2W2 female scientist have to be so hot? (Archived)
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Hackmons help? (Archived)CrystalZanviper104/12/2014
c/d: kabutops is more threatening on a rain team than kingdra (Archived)
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Diggersby tho...what happened! (Archived)ManuKesna14/12/2014
Is Curse Mega Blaziken viable on a Trick Room doubles team? (Archived)N0tQuiteN0rmal44/12/2014
Why does Riolu have to be so hot? / Why does Ludicolo have to be so fabulous? (Archived)TheRamosOnline74/12/2014