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I wonder where that shiny HP fire Froakie originates from (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger42/27 2:10PM
Shiny Yveltal Looks Like a Skinless Zombie Not Bacon (Archived)
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XandY101172/27 2:07PM
I just caught a Ralts! (Archived)
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Jarred623172/27 2:05PM
Guys I had this weird Pokemon dream last night... (Archived)Buddios82/27 2:03PM
Well... dang (Masuda Method) (Archived)The_Sol_Blader42/27 2:01PM
Normal Monotype Team for Double Battles - Looking for Pokemon and sets. (Archived)Kanjuro52/27 2:01PM
Is this a good buy if... (Archived)icanhazcheesebu62/27 1:55PM
Wow, I f***ing suck at that battle maison s*** (Archived)inTaCtfuL92/27 1:50PM
C/D: You knew that at one point there was a "Pocket Monsters 64". (Archived)Solar_Crimson62/27 1:41PM
Getting sick of Battle Spot players (Archived)
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Irnkman452/27 1:37PM
Wrong Nature Greninja (Archived)DusterZeroG52/27 1:29PM
Hows this Shiny Mareep (Archived)Hydreigoon82/27 1:23PM
Gamefreak/Nintendo should separate the main game from the online battle game (Archived)
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Rarehunter172/27 1:23PM
Move set for 5 IV shiny Scolipede (Archived)PaladinAlik42/27 1:22PM
Can someone clarify HP Ice for me? (Archived)MegaSableye102/27 1:19PM
Help learning Triple Battles? (Archived)RatheV102/27 1:16PM
Capturing the roaming Latios in SoulSilver. (Archived)BIGEggman52/27 1:15PM
Shutting down servers and pokebank transfer from B/W? (Archived)MiKe Of GaMeS42/27 1:14PM
i got a shiny from wonder trade... (Archived)
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ThatOneKid57122/27 1:13PM
Regular Haxorus vs Shiny Haxorus (Poll)NeoSioType102/27 1:07PM