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Diancie is not going to be revealed until August. (Archived)MegaVenusaur92/14 2:35PM
How do you prefer your Cloyster? (Poll)
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Carbon_Deoxxys332/14 2:31PM
Why does everyone want to live in the Pokemon world? (Archived)
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SaffronCityGirl272/14 2:30PM
Battle Institute (Archived)kamahl2512/14 2:29PM
More viable defense? (Archived)ArabAl52/14 2:29PM
Is Dragon Arceus not bound by Outrage? (Archived)Dj15Blue31682/14 2:27PM
ITT, we list the illegal things that pass through Pokebank's checks. (Archived)
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ArmoredGuns742/14 2:24PM
Pokemon Events Question (Archived)Terraforce77762/14 2:21PM
why do so many people care that diancie and carbink are related (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami352/14 2:20PM
My Fanfiction:Chapter 1 (Archived)Catalyst58632/14 2:18PM
Hi there! I seek assistance! (Archived)Blue_Inigo52/14 2:08PM
why did i think diancie was ugly? (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4262/14 2:03PM
Started my first ever nuzlocke challenge (Archived)willspay12/14 2:01PM
I searched a Naive/Hasty 6IVs Mewtwo on Pokecheck... (Archived)
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HopesNo1Fan202/14 2:01PM
Prologue and Info about my half egg-locke/Fan-fiction (Archived)Catalyst58662/14 1:59PM
During gym leader/E4 battles/boss fights, the levels of all participating....... (Archived)BalloonBattle0512/14 1:59PM
So... how have your Gen VI Nuzlockes been? (Archived)Xazeal62/14 1:56PM
is there a base stat guide for the X&Y pokemon? (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys92/14 1:52PM
Are dome/helix fossils only available post-game? (Archived)Atrabilious32/14 1:50PM
With Diancie officially revealed, when do you think we'll get the event? (Archived)
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MegaMelon192/14 1:45PM