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Any time I see two topic titles expressing the exact opposite idea I want to... (Archived)Shigmiya6452/26 12:13AM
Omg Burned? (Archived)
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LickChops242/26 12:02AM
So why did they choose to buff Megavoir's Attack over Defense? (Archived)
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FryDays5000222/25 11:59PM
has the gen 6 "mew" been revealed yet? (Archived)
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mistrfantasy112/25 11:46PM
C/D Pokemon X should've had Lugia and Y should've had Ho-oh (Archived)zelionx12/25 11:45PM
question about pokemon moves (Archived)GTthunder22/25 11:22PM
What's the funniest ragequit you've ever received? (Archived)
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Rayquaza_is_Z182/25 11:21PM
Diancie? (Archived)Patriarch10542/25 11:20PM
wanting a cyndaquil, totadile, chikorita? willing to trade (Archived)CoolAngel21442/25 11:16PM
So the pokemon global link rankings (Archived)Fidchel42/25 11:03PM
What is so good about the Mega Zards? (Archived)Lord_Ichmael92/25 10:52PM
Your reaction, future games have a 10% chance that when you battle wild pokemon (Archived)paipr42/25 10:48PM
EV training my last pokemon! (Archived)sockrox22/25 10:46PM
Feraligatr's HA is probably gonna be changed to Strong Jaw. (Archived)
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leak_man222/25 10:42PM
HA Bugs (Archived)Ethanb90052/25 10:42PM
Which game should I play next? (Poll)iammaxhailme102/25 10:28PM
Fairy types weak to Steel get paralyzed if hit by a Steel type move. (Archived)BalloonBattle05102/25 10:23PM
Logic of a Pokemon player.... (Archived)TC983462/25 10:13PM
Ice types should get a buff next gen. (Archived)
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Jaricko172/25 10:09PM
Would sucker punch work on an Aegislash that's about to use King's Shield? (Archived)
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Ragiroth242/25 10:04PM