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Can someone list the proper nature for each Eeveelution? (Archived)
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cloud_8f8f114/10 9:51AM
Any good Infiltrator user? (Archived)
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Help with last Member? (Archived)
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Powersaves & the Kalos Power Plant (Archived)MegaSableye94/10 9:07AM
Time to choose (Poll)Hydregionzek64/10 8:58AM
If Shineviolite Boldore is so popular, why have I never once seen it online? (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz234/10 8:55AM
Does Pokemon Transporter work without a PokeBank subscription? (Archived)ForteEXE385024/10 8:46AM
Which of these lame gimmick pokemon is the worst: Formes edition. (Poll)
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I-Flygon-I134/10 8:31AM
Can the legends be shiny again? (Archived)mudballman74/10 8:25AM
Post your current team (Archived)
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SR71halo474/10 8:21AM
Togekiss help (Archived)jonnyboyIV94/10 8:19AM
What do you expect on a genwunner team? (Archived)charman564/10 8:18AM
My Living Dex project (Archived)
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Opinions about the 3D look (Archived)dustdusty9344/10 8:10AM
What are the most unpopular Pokemon? (Archived)
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theColonial825604/10 7:57AM