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Sandstorm Team help (VGC style not Kalos Restricted) (Archived)Victin1rox73/17 1:10AM
Best Brave Bird user? (Archived)
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Flatter raises Sp. Atk by one stage or two stage? (Archived)chittapanu103/17 12:46AM
I wish staraptor had gale wings instead. (Archived)
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LightningAce11143/17 12:32AM
Never battled online before. Would this team be okay? (Archived)Brodiac199253/17 12:23AM
Druddigon Set? (Archived)DusterZeroG83/17 12:12AM
Do you want Game Freak to expand upon on how Mewtwo has two Mega Stones? (Archived)
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TheSnubbz183/17 12:03AM
YR: Gen 7 is Pokemon 2 (Archived)waterdeepchu63/16 11:42PM
If a battle continues after defeat... (Archived)kclaujames53/16 11:27PM
Japan's World Cup Soccer team is a bunch of Pokemon! (Archived)
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SpoonMan54321363/16 11:24PM
Check out the Elite 4 teams of Faely (Archived)GangstaLizard9553/16 11:12PM
Man, pivoting teams are fun. (Archived)J_Applei23/16 10:51PM
If I give a Pokemon a Macho Brace and go into Super Training, does it yield more (Archived)ajko00043/16 10:47PM
Replace Smash Bros' roster with pokemons (Archived)William288103/16 10:45PM
Which pokemon game is the best and why? (Archived)MannySS12343/16 10:27PM
Is every Kangaskhan on Battle Spot Special now? (Archived)kclaujames43/16 10:15PM
It's been a week since I changed my 3DS clock for DST, but events won't reset... (Archived)Blyde33/16 10:11PM
Taking Hours to download (Archived)GamerNorCal93/16 10:05PM
Just got the game, how many events did i miss? (Archived)Cookie Bag63/16 9:41PM