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Your favorite seafood Pokemon (Poll)
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choicespec324/11 10:29PM
Had anyone had any Pokemon related dreams? (Archived)
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Hydregionzek114/11 10:24PM
This pokemon now haunts your dreams. (Archived)
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fredie11334/11 10:20PM
do I need arceus and shaymin to complete the pokedex? (Archived)
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maestro144/11 10:20PM
This game makes no sense (Archived)80s_Memory94/11 10:14PM
i feel like the ultimate scrub, literally lost to a flame body talonflame (Archived)MrFingers0734/11 10:01PM
Competitive team that's easiest to build? (Archived)Zeron RB64/11 9:55PM
Can't get poke bank celebi? (Archived)bubbyman274/11 9:53PM
Embroar or Infernape (Archived)Plant4254/11 9:50PM
which pichu set should I go for? (Archived)Falchionne14/11 9:37PM
Recommend me a generic competitive OU team (Archived)
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VileBlade184/11 9:28PM
Shiny legendary pokemon offer!! (Archived)theBoneMan144/11 9:23PM
Fashion sets: Male (Archived)80s_Memory24/11 9:21PM
Question on picking a guide (Archived)itachi0034/11 9:06PM
Counterpart Version Exclusives Poll: Day 24 (Poll)Brodiac199284/11 8:56PM
how many berries does it take to raise to max happiness? (Archived)Falchionne34/11 8:54PM
Can your pokeradar chain break if you reset it too many times? (Archived)Mikey81224/11 8:53PM
Can someone tell me why people say mega alakazam is bad?o.o (Archived)
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Yumatsukumo184/11 8:39PM
help with Gliscor (Archived)jEr3mY84/11 8:37PM
Your reaction on... (Archived)porygon_z_12944/11 8:29PM