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What were people hyping Coil Zygarde for? XD He does have any moves to abuse (Archived)
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Carbon_Deoxxys182/16 12:09PM
Do you use Garchomp? (Poll)
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MysterPixel692/16 12:06PM
Gen 1 Mewtwo or Mega Kanga (Poll)
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djmetal777132/16 12:05PM
are zygarde/mewtwo worth anything trade wise? (Archived)BobbySura82/16 11:55AM
what's a good nature in pokemon for special attack and special defense? (Archived)mj_webb72/16 11:47AM
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Has an NPC ever had the same first/middle name is you? (Poll)
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choicespec492/16 11:34AM
**Building a team need OU please** (Archived)
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strider_123192/16 11:33AM
I just beat someone's absurdly bulky Bronzong and they dc'd :( (Archived)kinode32/16 11:27AM
Popups in PSS Screen? (Archived)JediMutant32/16 11:18AM
I really wish they had given bigger buffs to the regional bugs. (Archived)
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Froakiebloke112/16 11:13AM
Pokemon Plus and Minus - Next Gen Games (Archived)PokeMaster21152/16 11:12AM
changing the starters ball (Archived)animeftw99962/16 11:03AM
Kanto and Johto had the most complicated cave maps (Archived)NeoSioType72/16 11:03AM
Does anyone else want a new Shadow Pokemon game? Or am I the only one? (Archived)
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-Unowninator-492/16 10:55AM
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