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would you soft reset 100000 times if there was a pokemon (Archived)
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Run_2_the_Hills192/13 4:04PM
New Pokemon Link game coming (Archived)
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GilgameshSwords122/13 3:59PM
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How to build a good 3v3 team? (Archived)FoundAUsername52/13 3:43PM
Charizard distribution event question (Archived)
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Bushido20192/13 3:41PM
C/D- on arbour day, every Trevenant you catch should have 6 31 IVs (Archived)
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Great_Reapette182/13 3:39PM
Should there be a Porygon3? (Archived)Blackcat012342/13 3:33PM
Parfum Palace Mystery (kind of new discovery). (Archived)
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ppmemo262/13 3:28PM
Trainer Customization (Archived)Toughest92/13 3:26PM
Pokemon Trozei confirmed! (Archived)Chenmaster242/13 3:25PM
Will Gamefreak stop messing with my mind!!! (Archived)edsonclarke62/13 3:21PM
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I need advice for my Infernape. (Archived)forceboy62/13 3:16PM
help me pick my last pokemon! (Archived)kainadragoon102/13 3:10PM
Rate My Team: AmFABULOUS!! (Archived)pcmike242/13 3:03PM
C/D- on earth day, every time you KO a poison type, you earn 5 BP (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami42/13 2:53PM
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(Watlol) Who can make use of this ability?.. (Archived)kadabrium42/13 2:46PM
Need a little help on Egg moves... (Archived)Corn-Fox92/13 2:37PM