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Trick Room Question (Archived)
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KoolDood777163/9 5:24PM
I did it. (Archived)rofldog83/9 5:19PM
Think an announcement of Pokemon Z/Third version is too soon? (Archived)
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Aurawhisperer133/9 5:09PM
How does a Wonderlocke work? (Archived)Brandon04248773/9 5:08PM
How to begin breeding? (Archived)Karahaut63/9 5:06PM
Is it possible to get a Lapras with both Freeze-Dry AND Heal Bell? (Archived)BAPRH43/9 5:06PM
quick question regarding hidden abilities and the safari (Archived)TJ_17_83/9 4:58PM
Clawitzer should get steam eruption as an event move if that move is real. (Archived)deidara21103/9 4:41PM
How many pokemon can do false swipe + sleep move? (Archived)Dolucky73/9 4:38PM
How do these rules sound for a wonderlocke? (Archived)
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minun73183/9 4:35PM
No more pokegen? (Archived)
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Nagato418163/9 4:28PM
Why is Protect in Vaporeon sets (Archived)Vivisqeq53/9 4:17PM
Tiers (Archived)irvvri103/9 4:16PM
Pokemon Bank question (Archived)Sqeagy53/9 4:07PM
So, how would you deal with the Swagger + Prankster set? (Archived)
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Rouenne113/9 4:07PM
If Smogon is against luck-based strategies because they're "coin flips"... (Archived)
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SnowxNeverLeft383/9 3:59PM
This week on our favorite weekly episode of Delphox Bashing! (Archived)SergeantJamjars43/9 3:55PM
OT and Trainer's ID number (Archived)vinhamon43/9 3:55PM
What do you guys think about CAP? (Archived)
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DrakJay133/9 3:49PM
free game promo question (Archived)jake141383/9 3:48PM