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Do you generally like shiny color schemes or non shiny? (Poll)
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Tyler_strazza152/14 1:32PM
Shiny Armaldo Nickname? (Archived)Kamato62/14 1:29PM
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These event Pokemon do not even come close to the awesome/cuteness of the older (Archived)YamiJustin32/14 1:16PM
Super Training question (Archived)Zexda1582/14 1:16PM
Your Favorite Legendary (Archived)
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GrimlockSmash1122/14 1:02PM
I wish I could Archive this battle (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys62/14 12:57PM
Does anyone think Blue will make a cameo this gen? (Archived)javel3422/14 12:54PM
Move Set For Lax Celebi (Archived)seedcode12/14 12:51PM
gotta get those rocks up (Archived)MrFingers0782/14 12:49PM
Results of my Egglocke (Archived)Puppyfaic12/14 12:48PM
I just Wonder Traded 10 Plasma Genesect (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform122/14 12:45PM
Gardevoir w snadow sneak (Archived)kadabrium42/14 12:44PM
YR: You get Diancle in an event... (Archived)Morningstar1337102/14 12:43PM
YR: diancie IS carbink (Archived)
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LJx19112/14 12:42PM
So... (Archived)likeabosssss102/14 12:41PM
Assault Vest Muk (Archived)bronxbomb2222/14 12:40PM
Based on what we know so far, what nature would you want your Diancie to be? (Archived)SpoonMan5432172/14 12:37PM
What's your MM process like? (Archived)
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Pikachu222142/14 12:36PM