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C/D Steel should lose its Psychic resistance imo (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger272/15 7:00AM
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Now Twitch is playing Pokemon Gold. (Archived)fawful_X12/15 6:50AM
Twitch Plays Pokemon (Enter button inputs via chat!) (Archived)
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Ronteque232/15 6:45AM
Team Flare HQ, Which button did you press the first time? (Poll)
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LegendEX472/15 6:41AM
So... why exactly did Mega-Mom get a stat boost? (Archived)MechaKirby62/15 6:27AM
Gen Lockout (Archived)Brasen52/15 6:22AM
So I just f***ing hatched a 6iv Horses and named it "Royal F***ness" (Archived)Daemonscharm62/15 6:20AM
When breeding, has the Pokeball type of the parent always passed down? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe132/15 6:18AM
Shiny Charm (Archived)PokeMaster21152/15 6:16AM
man scrafty is so cool (Archived)matdsotm362/15 6:16AM
My Story Prologue Chapter 1 (Poll)Catalyst58642/15 6:06AM
My Story Pokemon Y:Shadow Pokemon,The Fourth Coming. Chapter 1 and Pokemon info. (Poll)Catalyst58622/15 6:01AM
What do you think of the people who ask for trades on the answers page? (Poll)Mikokiri52/15 5:58AM
Quick question about EV's (Archived)RJrockstar32/15 5:53AM
Shiny chansey IV help? (Archived)xxdxtremexx62/15 5:49AM
Rotom Wash, Cloyster, Cresselia and Mawile should be banned. (Archived)DerekRoss52/15 5:46AM
Need some tips and constructed advice please (Archived)kai01332/15 5:46AM
Special honchkrow viable? How about mixed? (Archived)LightningAce1122/15 5:42AM
Tweaking my Battle Maison team (Archived)Nightcrawler6552/15 5:41AM