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Nintendo started a pattern with Samurott and Greninja based on...? (Archived)
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Vincenzocondo144/10 3:25PM
Heracronite wanted (Archived)SnakeTaills44/10 3:21PM
Chatot help (Archived)
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HylianPaladin134/10 3:17PM
Great Physical Wall and Special Sweeper? (Archived)
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cloud_8f8f154/10 3:14PM
Does messing with the clock mess with clothing options? (Archived)SageGoku24/10 3:11PM
For those who care about the anime: Still think Froakie won't evolve? (Archived)Satoshi_Da_Ze54/10 3:01PM
Carbink-Diancie Mystery: Your thoughts (Archived)
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warriorman222194/10 2:59PM
To this day...I have NEVER encountered a shiny.... (Archived)
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cloud_8f8f274/10 2:57PM
YR: Game Freak distributes an event Porygon with Extreme Speed. (Archived)
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Chaosmaster00134/10 2:50PM
Do you believe EXP Share is overpowered? (Poll)
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PatrickSig884/10 2:48PM
What other girl's clothes not found in shops are there? (Archived)
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BeanBeanKingdom114/10 2:42PM
Anyone else getting a little mad at Datel? (Archived)
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DigiWillpower204/10 2:40PM
What special pokeball suits each Vivillon pattern best? (Archived)link_1564/10 2:33PM
I'm about 65 Pokemon away from Shiny Charm (Archived)
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cgreenw164/10 2:17PM
How do I remove the Pokemon X patch? I have Pokemon Y. (Archived)HakuMan11138644/10 2:11PM
Does my team synnergize typewise? (Archived)Giggi1113104/10 1:55PM
Best location for radar chaining (Pokemon Village) (Archived)MultiracialLion24/10 1:43PM
How would I go about breeding a Chansey with Aromatherapy and Seismic Toss? (Archived)ajko00054/10 1:36PM
MILTANK... the queen of random battles (Archived)vogymaan14/10 1:34PM
What are the best 2-move coverage combos? (Archived)
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Gh3ttoNinja394/10 1:31PM