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I don't really understand the concept of having "physical" pokemon (Archived)DepreceV284/11/2014
What info can someone get from RAM dumping? (Archived)
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What's the best way to breed for HP? (Archived)Tacanacy54/11/2014
Fakemon in the metagame: Day 1 - Special Gale Wings (Poll)kirbydude38584/11/2014
Need help with my final pokemon! (Archived)ItsVickerz24/11/2014
Hoenn Remakes, Confirm It. (Archived)
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MAX Style - Hatching power (Archived)Sketch72200244/11/2014
How to care for your goomys (Archived)kadabrium24/11/2014
I really still hate how they nerfed weather (Archived)
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Why didnt anyone tell me not to underrestimate Fake Out?! (Archived)Blue_Inigo54/11/2014
Insane game!! (Archived)bwebber1744/11/2014
How's this Mewtwo? (Archived)KingHiei44/11/2014
Did anybody remember this update about X/Y? (Archived)GangstaLizard9564/11/2014
Who here has made a military team? (Archived)Aurawhisperer14/11/2014
Which gen has the lamest legendaries? (Poll)
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has anything new been added to the AR powersave in the last couple weeks? (Archived)
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5 soft resets in and this Yveltal pops up (Archived)
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I just faced a Greninja with HP Steel! (Archived)hodelino34/11/2014
PowerSave Help? (Archived)zlaker100174/11/2014
I wanna be, the very best (Archived)
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