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What pokeball to catch dittos in friend safari? (Archived)Xiocamie22/28 9:44PM
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Assault Vest Arcanine Set (Archived)
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GoldenGryados85242/28 9:26PM
when is pokebank coming out? (Archived)Digital_Knyte0742/28 9:23PM
WI: Metal Powder worked even after Ditto was transformed (Archived)SalsaSavant72/28 9:20PM
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How do you feel about forfeiting? (Archived)
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iheartpokemon27652/28 9:10PM
What do you call the opposite of a "genwunner"? (Archived)
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TheonTurncloak272/28 9:07PM
So, did anyone hear about gamestop pushing Powesave's release date to March 7? (Archived)RyanDaRaikou82/28 9:02PM
Dear hackers and anti-hackers (Poll)
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BalloonBattle05462/28 8:59PM
How Do I Use Mega Garchomp? (Archived)mrballerswaggin102/28 8:57PM
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So, what is the general opinion on the anime? (Archived)
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DarthNightmaric1542/28 8:47PM
what would you think if they added starters who eventually evolves into dragon? (Archived)mj_webb22/28 8:46PM
Someone took a screenshot of a Shiny AZ Floette (Archived)
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Chenmaster2162/28 8:44PM
Okay, can someone explain to me how the **** this happened in a recent battle? (Archived)
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Frost_Ryans182/28 8:42PM
Shiny Togekiss Sucks! (Archived)
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jofotran21142/28 8:40PM
Now that females can pass moves via breeding... (Archived)MindwalkerX32/28 8:35PM