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I'm guessing M.Pinsir is better in Single Battles than in..... (Archived)cloud_8f8f24/9 4:28PM
infernape help (Archived)
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actuatedkarma144/9 4:27PM
The club of clubs (Archived)Lord_Chivalry74/9 4:23PM
How good is Rock Head Tyrantrum? (Archived)
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TalesOfXAndY144/9 4:12PM
Has anyone else noticed this about the starters ? (Archived)
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M3rett0114/9 4:11PM
"And my swagger so strong, they had to ban it." (Archived)ExMechaGodzilla34/9 4:02PM
How do I alert Passerbys that I am looking to battle? (Archived)iChoseScylla94/9 4:01PM
ITT: we think of objects and plants that need to be Pokemon! (Archived)Haxdreigon54/9 3:54PM
If I be seein' another Seviper poast on this board (Archived)
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CaptainDungoose384/9 3:51PM
Gold and Silver MUST EQUALIZE (Archived)
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CrystalZanviper204/9 3:50PM
C/D: You want Inverse Battles to be a regular thing in Gen 7. (Archived)NeonDragon900074/9 3:36PM
How is it possible for 2 different species of pokemon can have sex? (Archived)
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mcquizx394/9 3:32PM
i finally did it, i got a flawless modest xerneas :D (Archived)
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MartinBrodeur474/9 3:16PM
If they make a taco pokemon (Archived)mcquizx74/9 3:15PM
Turned based or Action-based (IN JRPG's)! (Poll)
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KiraWins124/9 3:07PM
Viable Huge Power Diggersby move set... ? (Archived)NeonDragon900064/9 3:00PM
Moveset for Victreebel and Bellossom? (Archived)vinhamon44/9 2:58PM
So..why do people claim horde battles are more effective than super training. (Archived)
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cloud_8f8f384/9 2:51PM
Florges Moveset (Archived)blazemasta61964/9 2:48PM
should they make a pancake pokemon? (Archived)
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YEPPERwaffleguy114/9 2:47PM