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The XY Polls #2: Kalos Pokemon1 (Fire-Type) (Poll)TrainerAura73/22 8:41AM
diancie and az's floette taken off action replay powersave? (Archived)
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mariopokefan17133/22 8:38AM
Pokemon Showdown! (Archived)Phantom_Ura_103/22 8:37AM
Is this what it's like for people in the Pokemon world who don't like Pokemon? (Poll)DarkKirby250053/22 8:37AM
Yet Another RMT (Archived)The_RNG33/22 8:32AM
I prefer flygon over garchomp (Archived)
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DristX99113/22 8:31AM
Remember when Black and White was first announced... (Archived)
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BNVshark123173/22 8:16AM
Fairy Type Topic (Archived)
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InfamousTouya143/22 8:11AM
Hey Gamefreak... (Archived)EdwardoMario1643/22 8:06AM
Try to beat the picture of the post above you. (Archived)
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Real_Zaberz203/22 7:59AM
Need some advice for breeding Kangaskhan (Archived)natu123463/22 7:43AM
Breeding porygon (Archived)blindleader21393/22 7:37AM
squirtle, charmander, bulbasaur? (Archived)idontknowatall83/22 7:36AM
Does anyone else like to use Venomoth in competitive play? (Archived)78Coop103/22 7:34AM
Am I the only one who... (Archived)
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FightingPolygon113/22 7:27AM
Can anyone think of a logical explanation as to why Rampardos doesn't learn... (Archived)dbzbadman06103/22 7:26AM
What's the cutest pokemon evar? (Archived)
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pyojoon343/22 7:17AM
Just broke 1000 eggs...I will not let the game defeat me... (Archived)
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STBTakeAChance113/22 7:12AM
I need tips fighting against pure stall teams (Archived)
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number317133/22 6:49AM
Venipede/Whirlipede or Bagon/Shelgon (Archived)DJmiso33/22 6:39AM