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Salamence isn't inferior to CharizardX (Archived)
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Teh_Tiltyu412/12 10:29AM
Shiny Goomy FTW!!! YES! (Archived)Kapuxa62/12 10:26AM
how far into the game before you can trade? (Archived)kasplat36042/12 10:20AM
Little trouble with the Pokemon Bank (Archived)PhantomPuppet72/12 10:20AM
Megazard X and Y description. (Archived)Real_Zaberz102/12 10:14AM
Not sure if new or cOLD, but... (Archived)Bugorchestra72/12 10:00AM
Going to breed a Mightyena next, help? (Archived)
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PkmTrainerAbram122/12 9:55AM
Recommended moveset for Rhyperior? (Archived)gna64742/12 9:48AM
Need a proficient Pokegen/pokegts user... (Archived)ArabAl72/12 9:44AM
Was hunting for a shiny absol when I encountered a horde.... (Archived)
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Sanktu_Vyvorant162/12 9:43AM
People do not know the difference between "Legal" and "Legit". (Archived)
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ThePokeMan98302/12 9:40AM
3 legendaries destroyed, with one pokemon (Archived)
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heyjeyXY142/12 9:34AM
IV judge should use numbers when judging (Archived)Kyubey_daINCUBA22/12 9:33AM
Help with Celebi move set (Archived)BlackHole00142/12 9:22AM
Swords Dance or Bulk Up on Mega-Heracross? (Archived)hodelino32/12 9:21AM
Special attackers need a buff (Archived)FryDays500092/12 9:20AM
Last member of this bug team? (Archived)joey1122312/12 9:15AM
Ability Rater Day 57: Bad Dreams (Poll)ssupermario9262/12 9:14AM
my wife got a mystery egg today (Archived)
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Thomas-922142/12 9:12AM
Only one Smoke Ball in the whole game? (Archived)xjenzazombieex22/12 9:08AM